Frequently Asked Questions

Our transparent closures will give you that natural look while protecting your real hair! Closures let you have a natural- looking sewin with-out having to leave some of your real hair out. These closures blend with your bundles instantly! Now you can have one texture throughout your whole head! They also can be re-used by parting in different spots on the next use!!!

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Lace Frontal wigs are available  starting at $250!!!
Our Brazilian Hair keeps heads turning!!!! Do Not be left behind in the EPIDEMIC!!! WE SLAY!! And SO WILL YOU!!! Brazilian hair will blend with any texture!!! WARNING: People will COPY!!!!

What is the difference between a closure and a frontal?

A closure is a piece of lace that is 4"x4" and just fills in for your leave out. A frontal is a piece of lace just like the closure but is much bigger taking up the whole entire front of your hair line. Measuring 4"x13" or 6"x13. Both great for natural installs without damaging your hair!!

Our Peruvian Locks always gives that sleek look that stands out in any event!! Its natural shine will never have you looking DULL!!! SHOW UP and SHOW OUT!!! Peruvian Locks are not one to blend with just ant texture, its recommended for finer textures! With a peruvian closure; ANYONE can wear this texture!!!

How many bundles do I need for my install?
: If you are getting 14" or shorter; its recommended you get 2. If you get 16" or longer; its recommended you get at least 3 bundles.


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